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MagBox 5 or 10

Do you need a magnet package that's easy to install and service?

SIEB's MagBox is the answer! Why?

Everything you need is in the box!

Here's what you need to get up and running:
  • Mount the box onto your machine (underbody or elsewhere)
  • Run hydraulic lines, pressure (P) and return (T) to the bulkhead panel
  • Install the lift/drop joystick and run the control cable to the bulkhead receptacle
  • Provide 12/24 Volt DC switched battery voltage to the bulkhead receptacle
  • Run the magnet cable through the bulkhead cord grip to the safety disconnect

Start Lifting!

Product Features:

  • 5 kW or 10 kW DC Generator w/Valve Body
  • Magnet Controller w/Field Control
  • DC Voltmeter
  • DC Ampmeter and Safety Disconnect
  • Heavy Duty Box w/Slideout Controller for Maximum Accessibility
Hydraulic operating parameters:
    • 14 US GPM @ 1600 psi (Dedicated Pump)
    • 3/4" (I.D.) Min. - High Pressure Hose
    • 3/4" (I.D.) Min. - High Pressure Hose
    • 125ºF Optimum, 140ºF Maximum
    • 12/24 VDC (As Required)
Box Dimensions: 48" L x 24" D x 24" H

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