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MagBox 9 Complete Power Source and Control for Electro-Lifting Magnet

Do you need a magnet package that's easy to install and service?

SIEB's MagBox 9 is the answer! Why?

Everything you need is in the box!

Finally! One compact under body box that contains everything you need to operate your magnet.

Plug and play simplicity and virtually maintenance free.

Simply supply 18 GPM from a dedicated pump and return to the tank what you don't use. Connect 12/24 volts DC for the solenoid and run the lines out for the switch and magnet. Done!

Start Lifting!

Product Features:

  • IMAGs 9 kW brushless generator with integrated electronic controller
  • HMI control unit with graphic display for all system and operating data
  • Bent Axis Piston motor and solenoid controlled pressure comp flow control valve body
  • Heavy gauge box with engineered airflow for maximum cooling
  • Completely plumbed and wired inside the box
Hydraulic operating parameters:
    • 16-18 US GPM @ 2500 psi Max (Dedicated Pump)
    • 3/4" (I.D.) Min. - High Pressure Hose
    • 3/4" (I.D.) Min. - High Pressure Hose
    • 125ºF Optimum, 140ºF Maximum
    • 12/24 VDC (As Required)

Box Dimensions: 36" L x 24" D x 24" H

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Sieb MagBox 9